Our photography depicts a diverse range of subjects, with a focus on the artists, fans, and venues at the heart of our platform.


We use two key categories of photo subject matter that help to express the multiple facets of the VEEPS brand: Artists and Fans.



Artist Photography

Artists are the main focus of our platform. Below are the three scenarios in which we can work with artist imagery.

  1. Live Performance
  2. Press
  3. Behind the Scenes

Live Performance

Live performance is the soul of our brand, and our goal is to transport audiences to the very heart of the action, providing an immersive experience that transcends physical boundaries.

When selecting photography strive to capture the most striking and captivating moments of a performance while avoiding compositions that feel too busy.

The best images are the ones where there is a clear focal point (either of an individual or group) without surrounding elements detracting from this subject.

See examples below.


Press photography that comes from the artist is another of the main inputs for our content. Although the quality of artists’ press images will vary, always strive to use the most crisp, clean, and impactful image provided. See examples below.

Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes photography allows us to create quick-fire content in the lead up to shows and performances.

BTS imagery might showcase performers rehearsing or preparing for their shows, giving viewers an exclusive look at their favorite performers’ pre show rituals.

Embrace clarity and simplicity in BTS photography. Maintain focused compositions with balanced elements and uncluttered backgrounds whenever possible.

See examples below.