Taking inspiration from band logos and iconic editorial design, the wordmark is bold and crisp in its geometry. Its simplicity creates impact as a standalone signature but also plays well with an expansive range of music content — a vessel for meaning that remains timeless as our brand and platform evolve.


A certain amount of space is needed around the wordmark to prevent it from becoming cluttered by surrounding artwork, imagery, or the edge of a page. Below is the minimum spacing for the VEEPS wordmark. The value X is defined by the width of the P in the wordmark.

clearspace x-width


VEEPS wordmark is designed and tested to work at various sizes. The minimum symbol size for adequate legibility in digital applications is 12px height.

Minimum Size

12px Height

Color Usage

Below are the main ways in which we use color with our wordmark. Pairings can be used together in modular layouts to add rhythm and energy to the composition.


For brand partnerships, the space between the two logos should equal the width of the VEEPS “E.” When sizing the logos, start with the VEEPS logo, then optically size and center the partner logo to achieve visual balance.

A vertical line should be placed between the logos and have a height of 120% of the tallest logo in the lockup.

partnerships examples


The VEEPS logo moves backwards in 3D space alluding to immersion and the stage. The individual characters are offset by 5 frames starting from the center E to convey an audio wave and none of the letters come to a complete stop, a representation of VEEPS live nature.